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Trusted Capital Solutions

We serve as a trusted long-term capital partner to business owners seeking to diversify their investments, buyout shareholders or fund expansion.


We are servant leaders who know what it is like to run a successful business. We appreciate the hard work and sacrifice required and enjoy partnering with business owners who have traveled a similar path.


Beyond capital, we share wisdom gained over decades of business resilience in the face of obstacles. We invest in people and teams where we can make a positive impact assisting owners achieve their goals.


We believe in building relationships first and doing business with people, not spreadsheets.


We believe in handshakes and that your word is your bond.


We believe in keeping business deals as simple as possible and that ultimately, good business is a fair agreement where everyone wins.


We specialize in providing Capital Solutions to business owners seeking to:

  • Diversify their investments by taking capital out of their company

  • Buyout partners or other shareholders; family generational transitions

  • Fund expansion, accelerate growth; take their companies to the next level

  • Exit the business in the near future but preserve their people, culture and legacy

When looking for a capital partner, it’s important to know the source of the funds and understand their investment objectives, expectations and timetable for return.


Our exclusive investor network consists entirely of family offices and highly respected CEO business leaders with a long-term view, who seek to make a difference while achieving positive returns over time.

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