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Emerging from the post pandemic world, every leadership team must fundamentally reevaluate and restructure their business model to fit the new world and new rules.  The business landscape has shifted, stakeholder behaviors are transforming; some are gone forever.

What stakeholder mindset are you most dependent?  What conditions are required to make your current business model work?

Most strategic planning is done on a 2 x 2 in a single scenario.  Credo understands the need for multiple “what if” scenario models projecting the implications of the implications, in order to take full advantage of the coming 20-year growth cycle.


What is your “Moonshot” destination? 

(Moonshot mindset: to achieve what is currently believed to be impossible.)


If everything were possible, where would you take your business?



Credo’s unique stratefic growth system and experienced consultants work side-by-side with you and your executive team.  Together we facilitate each key step in the process; we guide you and your team as navigate and explore.

We help develop your vision, action plan, KPI’s and scorecards. 


We build team trust, collaboration and improve communication by implementing Forum in your business, a unique methodology proven in YPO for over 40 years.  Forum will fundamentally change the culture of your organization and elevate innovation and performance. Together you will become the leaders and team that can reach your destination.


The strategic growth planning process begins with Clarity & Alignment meeting; contact us to learn more.

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Who are we? What do we believe? What are our commitments?

Development or modification of your business core values crystalizing what you stand for.

Why do we exist?

Power and synergy aligning your organization around a shared purpose.

Where are we right now?

Comprehensive assessment of your Business Model = Updated SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).


Where are we going and why? 

Creating a clear and powerful vision of where you want to go … your moonshot destination.

Provides direction, inspiration, certainty and gets the team onboard and believing.  Each team member must understand their role and be fully aligned. 

Recognize the challenges along the way but maintain an unwavering commitment to arriving at the destination.


How will we get there?

Build a step-by-step strategic plan that focused on execution. Develop accountability Scorecards that measures and tracks high impact tasks, timelines, budget, owner/driver and status updates.

Focus on Innovation, being creative and constantly adapting. Change is hard and requires the committed mindset of a marathon, adding new capabilities, expertise and tools.


Who must we become to reach our destination?

Transformation requires hands-on determined leadership with high performance expectations.


What cultural shift needs to take place?

By implementing Forums in your business, we scale team trust, vulnerability and improve communication.  Short weekly forum meetings result in elevated respect, higher collaboration which leads to more creative problem solving and optimum outcomes.

Together you will become the leaders and team that can reach your destination.

“It is always impossible until it is done.”

                           ~  Nelson Mandela

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