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Family Business Focus

We have a long history working in and with Family-Owned Businesses and understand the complexities of combining family dynamics with business management and ownership.


From multi-generational family businesses to entrepreneurial founders who never planned to become one.


We help family business leaders navigate the challenging, often emotional decisions surrounding family in business and the significance of honoring the legacy of both.


These include:

  • Generational transition/succession

  • Family employment and compensation policies

  • Shareholder agreements         

  • Communication and conflict in the family enterprise

  • Building an independent board

  • Preparing the Next Gen for success


Our focus is setting your family business up for long term success; where the company is a blessing for the family, a source of connection and harmony for many generations to come.


Preparing for the next generation to enter the business and how to integrate them properly.  Developing their knowledge of the business with both hands on experience in many segments and at the board level. Assigning mentors, leadership development , entrepreneurial projects where they can make their own mark. Getting them ready to lead.   

Fair and Equitable solutions for those in and out of the daily management of the business. Building an independent outside board and potentially professionalizing the company management.


Family harmony is often dependent clear business policies outlining family employment and compensation, dividend payments, shareholder agreements and who can be a board director.


Building a family council, family office and family constitution which includes your Family values, mission statement, and vision.

Family Business Meeting Slide.jpg

We also implement Forum in Family Business as a way to communicate confidentiality and build trust and understanding among family members. This format has proven to be very effective in keeping productive dialogue going, aligning the family around values and helping to resolve conflict.


We advise families when a sibling or shareholder wants to liquify or exit the business or guide in preparing the company when the family is considering a partial sale or divestment.

How do we realize the highest shareholder value?

What are the key metrics that private equity or other capital partners look for?

Taking key steps years in advance and position yourself for such a transaction can significantly increase valuations and shareholder return.

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